The Theory of Happiness by Gregory Gan



Language :

OV Ukrainian,  St English


Synopsis :

The film chronicles the filmmaker, as he became a participant in a radical Ukrainian sect trying to discover happiness through mathematical formulas.


What is Happiness? It is a mathematical formula, based on the number of good deeds a person makes during their lifetime, with the subtraction of all their mistakes. How can one find it?
The result of three months of fieldwork is a feature-length ethnographic film. Iis an exploration of the eccentric aesthetic of the commune, juxtaposed with bucolic images of the Ukrainian countryside. It is a clashing, highly conflictual narrative where stakes are high and errors unavoidable. It is finally, a deeply personal negotiation with participants whose dreams and aspirations contradict the fundamental philosophy of the filmmaker. This film does not ask “what is happiness?” It asks who owns the question.


Team :

Written, directed and produced by Gregory Gan


Trailer : https://vimeo.com/87152072

Website : http://www.theoryofhappiness.com/p/participants.html#TOHSynopsis