L'Escamoteur by Laurent Lafuma



Language :

OV French, St none


Synopsis :

The film follows Ranavalona III’s tracks, Madagascarian last queen, whom got caught into the vice of french colonialism and imperialism wills ; She was sent in exil, beginning of year 1897, reached Reunion Island, then Algeria, where she died in 1917 ; she did not get a chance to see her homeland again.

From a visit to the Saint-Germain-en-Laye city museum collection, to a traditional exhumation ceremony, travel images and other visual propositions, her tragic destiny is revealed, using different cinematographic forms.

Throughout his investigastion, the author developp a personnal relation to the figure of the queen ; he calls back her memory – did she visited him in a dream to ask her honour to be restaured ? -, the author becomes a companion on the way of exil with the ferm intention to defend her.

The film tackles history/memory as well as political issues ; its all substance may be the consequence of an anthropologic and artistic wandering.


Full film : https://vimeo.com/155103312

Website : https://vimeo.com/user6970816